After 30 years as a cyclist, most of them spent with a wrench in my hand and grease under my fingernails, I've decided that it's the right time for me to take what I see is the ultimate step as a cyclist -- building my own bicycle frame.  Ever since learning of one of my high school teacher's framebuilding (Karen Pflug-Felder), the idea has intrigued me.

I decided to contact local framebuilder Peter Dreesens to see if he offered (or was interested in offering) framebuilding lessons, and he agreed.  After speaking with him, I'm more excited than ever...he builds frames in a way that I could do on my own, with very little in the way of specialized equipment like mills or lathes.  He's got a partial Columbus SPX tubeset that I'm going to buy from him and use (along with buying some additional Cromor tubes), as well as some lugs, so I shouldn't have to buy too much stuff.  I prefer the ride of a good lugged steel frame over just about any other material that I've ridden; some might call me a Luddite, but when steel frames have lifespans in the decades, and carbon frames have lifespans of several years at most, I just smile and nod.

I will do my best to document the process, both in pictures and in words, here.